Significance of BIM to Architectural, Structural & MEP Engineers

BIM has very swiftly taken over the traditional approaches practiced in the AEC industry. It is challenging those old practices at every level of the construction project and throwing away the redundant methods to replace it with more efficient and time effective options. Though BIM has a very significant role to play at every stage of construction project, it provides a base for the most fundamental levels of engineering discipline, right from design to the analysis.

Aid to Architects

The designs prepared by architects have to be approved by the project owners and then make the necessary changes as required. Thus the design keeps on going back and forth from the architects to the project owners and back again to architects. The alterations became a norm and the conceptual sketches have to be changed all over again and maybe redrawn from the scratch. Sometimes the changes which surface during the construction phase, which costs heavily to both the contractors and the facility owners in terms of time and money respectively. BIM has credibility to make this easier through 3D rendered models, 360◦ landscaping, virtual walkthrough videos and panoramic view of the as – built structures using software like Autodesk Revit Architecture, V-Ray and Photoshop. So if there are any changes, they are just a few clicks away and design can be modified easily.

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